Curated matches for meaningful first dates.

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Works over SMS.

Nothing to download.


No more dating burnout.

Meaningful first dates start with you: what you care about, how you see the world, and what you need in a partner. Iris learns about you on a fundamental level so she can introduce you to people you can fall in love with. Start a journey where every date you go on helps you learn more about yourself, and each date is better than the last.


Personalized insights

Iris will learn and give insights about your core values, the way you communicate, make decisions, show affection, and react to stress. You'll receive weekly content that helps you dig deeper into what actually matters to you.


Curated matches

As you get to know yourself, you'll start to see patterns in the people you can most easily connect with. Iris will send you matches that are aligned on the things you care about, and keep learning from the feedback you give.


Date planning

Let Iris help plan your first date. She'll suggest a cute spot that's close to both of you, then put you in touch with your date so you can find the best day to meet. After a few days, Iris will follow up to hear how it went!


A better dating


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