Imagine a dating experience that lets you be specific and intentional with your time. Where you can be yourself, and match on things that actually matter. Where meeting in person is the norm, not the exception.

And every match is curated specifically for you.

Say hello to Iris, your AI matchmaker. There’s someone she’d like you to meet.



Iris gets to know the real you.

No more struggling with dating profiles that don’t represent your true self. Just talk to Iris like you would a friend, and she’ll learn about who you are and what’s important to you.


Iris curates matches for you.

For each match, Iris looks at how you’re aligned on your core values, as well as your communication, decision-making and affection styles.

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Iris supports you as you date.

From planning your first date to collecting continuous feedback from you and your matches, Iris helps make the hard parts of dating a little easier.

Say hello to Iris.

Hello Iris is only available in Toronto, Canada