How does Hello Iris work?

Hello Iris works entirely over SMS. You will get a text message from Iris when you join, and when you have a match, Iris will send you their photo and information over text. It’s exactly like your friend setting you up with someone they know.

To get a better feel for how it works, check out this short video.

How can I join Hello Iris?

You can begin our waitlist process by registering on our home page. The waitlist is an important part of joining Hello Iris, and something every member goes through. This is where Iris gets to know you.

While on the waitlist, we’ll send you a question set via email to learn more about you and your dating preferences. Your answers will help us build your Hello Iris profile and curate your matches, so make sure you take the time to answer them thoroughly.

Once you complete the question set, you’ll be eligible to move off the waitlist. We’ll let you know via email once when we’re ready for you to join the platform.

At this point, we will ask you to verify your identity with a legal ID, and select a Hello Iris membership plan. Once this is done, you’ll get a text message from Iris, welcoming you to the platform!

If your legal ID does not represent your identity, we’1ll work with you to find an alternative solution.

You can join Hello Iris with a monthly or annual membership. Our monthly plan is $25/month, while our annual plan is $150/year.

We offer prorated refunds for cancelled monthly and annual subscriptions, as well as for any months where Iris was not able to send you any matches.

How much does a Hello Iris membership cost?

Hello Iris is open to people of all genders and orientations.

Who can use Hello Iris?

Hello Iris is currently only active in Toronto, Canada. We do, however, have plans to expand to all major cities in North America within the next few years.

If you’d like to try Hello Iris in your city, shoot us an email at to let us know!

Is Hello Iris active in my city?

How many people are on Hello Iris?

While in our private beta, we’re limiting our member pool to 100 people. This is to ensure that we can work closely with each member to craft a dating experience that is meaningful to them.

We're looking for people who are curious and open-minded, and who are single and living in Toronto. As a thank you for helping us in our very early days, we're offering these 100 people a complimentary lifetime membership to Hello Iris.

If you want to work with us to create a better dating experience, register for our private beta here.

Verifying your legal ID is a part of the Hello Iris registration process because it ensures that everyone on the platform is who they say they are, and that everyone feels safe exchanging phone numbers and meeting in person.

It is more of a barrier than joining other dating platforms, and the fact that are members are willing to take this step shows us that they’re committed to a more intentional dating experience.

If your legal ID does not represent your identity, we’ll work with you to find an alternative solution.

Why do I need to verify my legal ID to join Hello Iris?

At this time, Hello Iris doesn’t store any information relating to your legal ID. To verify your ID, we are working with Berbix, an identity verification and fraud deterrence company headquartered in San Francisco.

Images of your photo ID will be securely processed and stored by Berbix on our behalf. Only a limited number of Hello Iris and Berbix employees have access to review user-submitted data. Berbix does not (and contractually cannot) share these images or the data they contain with any third party (unless required to do so by law). Berbix uses Google Cloud Platform to store your data, which is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Berbix maintains a robust security policy, has completed an SOC 2 examination, and undergoes regular security penetration testing by external auditors.

You can choose to have your ID verification removed from the Berbix platform after you register. This means that once we verify your identity, your photo ID and all the metadata pertaining to it will be permanently deleted.

You can let us know if this is something you’d prefer when you register.

If your legal ID does not represent your identity, we’ll work with you to find an alternative solution.

How does Hello Iris ensure my data and privacy is protected?

Nope, just a phone number you can text :)

All you need to use Hello Iris is a cellphone that can send and receive unlimited text messages and photos.

Does Hello Iris have an App?

When Iris finds a potential match for you, she’ll send you a text message with their first name and photos.

If you’re interested, Iris will send you their personality profile, which lets you learn about their core values, as well as how they communicate, make decisions and show affection.

At this point, you can let Iris know if you’d like to meet your match in person.

If you and your match both opt in to meet in person, Iris will suggest a spot for your first date and give you each other’s phone numbers to let you coordinate.

How do I get a match on Hello Iris?

At Hello Iris, we believe in dating with intention, and limiting the number of matches you can have at a time is an important part of creating that experience. This means that at most, Iris will send you one new match a week.

On Hello Iris, you will be matched with only one person at a time. To get a new match, you will need to tell Iris that you’d like to opt out of your current match. Iris will then begin to look for a new match for you, and let your previous match know that you’ve chosen to move on.

How many matches can I get on Hello Iris?

Iris analyzes your answers to the waitlist question sets to learn more about who you are and what’s important to you. From the way you answer these questions, she learns about your core values, your communication style, how you make decisions and how you show affection. She then matches you with members who are aligned with you on these terms.

We believe that what makes two people connect is not things like “how tall they are”, or “what TV shows they like”, or “which university they went to'‘. It’s a shared experience and understanding of the world around them. As a result, we stay away from categorizing people or allowing filtering on any criteria.

How does Iris find me matches?

The approach we use at Hello Iris for understanding personality is based on Homeopathy, an alternative system of medicine that looks at people in a more holistic way.

Unlike most personality tests, we’re not trying to assess and categorize you into a set of static traits like “extroverted” or “neurotic”. Our belief is that people are more nuanced and dynamic than that, and can display different traits based on their context. What we’re interested in is understanding what contexts you are sensitive to, and how you react in those situations. For example, instead of saying someone is “a neurotic person”, we can see that someone is sensitive to being criticized and can have a neurotic response to that situation. That doesn’t mean that they’re always neurotic, or that they’re worse than someone who’s not sensitive to being criticized. We are all sensitive to different situations, and understanding that can help us communicate more effectively, and look for partners who are attuned to our specific sensitivities.

Our process for learning more about you is by looking at how you describe various situations, and the types of words you use. This gives us an idea about how you see the world and what’s important to you. So our question sets are designed to allow you to speak in your own voice. The more thoroughly and thoughtfully you answer these questions, the better Hello Iris will work for you.

How does Iris understand my personality from the questions I answer?